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Tattoos and Summer: How to take care of your tattoos in the summertime

Summertime and tattoos go together like peanut butter and jelly!

If you've already got some ink or are looking to get a fresh piece in August, we've got some hot tips for you to make sure your tattoos look as cool as ever in the scorching heat.

1 - Keeping Your Existing Tattoos Sizzling:

Sunscreen Up: The sun can be a real buzzkill for tattoos, so lather up that SPF on your art before you hit the beach or pool. Pick a sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide for extra

protection against those nasty UV rays.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Water is your tattoo's best friend! Keep yourself and your skin well-hydrated to prevent your tattoo from looking like a faded old sticker.

Moisturize the Magic: The summer heat can dry out your skin faster than a cheetah chasing its prey. Show your ink some love by using a fragrance-free, alcohol-free moisturizer to keep it looking fresh and fly.

Be Water-Smart: If you're going for a swim, steer clear of saltwater, chlorine-filled pools, or murky lakes. Those waters can be harsh on tattoos, especially fresh ones. If you can't resist taking a dip, protect your new tattoo with a waterproof bandage.

2 - Nurturing Your Fresh Tattoo Love:

Healing Time is "Tatt-tastic": Fresh tattoos need extra TLC during their healing process,

which is around four to eight weeks. Keep that baby away from the blazing sun and try not to sweat buckets over it.

Baggy is Best: Rock loose, comfy clothes to prevent any irritating friction on your precious new art. Tight threads can mess with your tattoo's healing groove, and we don't want that!

Chill Indoors: As tempting as it is to soak up the sun, hang out indoors as much as possible to shield your new tattoo from UV rays and sweaty situations.

Listen to the Pro: Your tattooist is the guru here, so listen up! Follow their aftercare advice religiously for a seamless healing process and stunning results.

Ready to Get Inked in August?

Scout the Best Studios: Look for top-notch tattoo studios with kickass artists who put hygiene first, like the Four Roses Berlin. Check the google reviews, look for some healed work. Ain't nobody got time for cover ups, infections and such, right?

Book Ahead: August is a hot season for tattoos, so make sure you lock down your spot with your favorite artist by booking in advance. Don't miss out on the fun! You can book your tattoo stress free and pretty easy at our website.

Extra Aftercare Love: Getting a tattoo in summer might need some extra pampering. Commit to the aftercare routine and let your ink blossom like a beautiful summer flower.

Cool Off: Plan for less sun exposure during the healing period. Your new tattoo will thank you with brighter colors and a smooth finish.

In a nutshell, whether you're rocking old tattoos or diving into fresh ink in Berlin's August Summer, just remember to show your tattoos some summer lovin'. Keep them protected, hydrated, and follow your artist's advice like a boss. With a bit of care, you'll have your tattoos looking as hot as the summer sun!

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