Corona protective measures and rules

Dear costumers, 
In an effort to make it safe for you and for us, we need you to follow some measures asked from the german healthy regulations office :
  • You need to present a current negative test result from an official test center. The test must be done on the same day as the appointment.
  • If you have been fully vaccinated for more than 2 weeks, your vaccination card is sufficient for your appointment.  
  • The attendance of any companion is not allowed. Please come alone to your tattoo appointment. 
  • The usage of a FFP-2 mask upon entering the Shop is mandatory. 
  • Hand washing with soap is mandatory and need to be done right after entering the tattoo shop
  • If the door is closed, please be patient and wait outside. We have a maximum of people at a time that can be inside the studio. 
  • Breaks only if strictly necessary. Your tattooist will have a say on this. Please respect.   
  • After finishing, please be kind and leave the Shop. The permanency in the Shop premises (including bench outside) after your appointment is not allowed.
Thanks for your understanding and collaboration.