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Rules and Conduct at the Shop

Dear costumers, 
in order to make it comfortable for everybody and peaceful for the professionals, that require a lot of attention and concentration to do good job, there are some rules that we would like for you to follow: 
  • We might ask you to use a mask during the tattoo appointments. It will depend on the placement of the tattoo and the artist you chose. 
  • The attendance of any companion is to be avoided. Please come alone to your tattoo or piercing appointment. Only exceptions are for clients under 18 that need a parent to consent signed on site. 
  • If the door is closed, please be patient and wait outside. We don't want to overcrowd and therefor have a maximum of people at a time that can be inside the studio. 
  • Your tattooist will decide on the breaks. Please respect and try to keep it to the minimum necessary. Pauses are counter productive and intensify the pain factor.    
  • Please avoid using the phone in general during your appointment. If you want to listen to your music, please make sure to bring your headphones.  
Thanks for your understanding and collaboration. 
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